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Teeth Whitening

The teeth can be covered with plaque or tartar that stain tobacco, coffee, tea or red wine. Scaling and polishing teeth sometimes enough to remove these tasks. However, the coloring can be accommodated in the enamel or the dentin and dental bleaching may be necessary.

Dental cleaning

Cleaning and dental scaling are an important part of good oral hygiene to keep a bright smile free of stains and periodontal disease. This preventive care is done in conjunction with the dental examination and allows polishing your teeth by avoiding serious dental problems.


One of the most common dental surgeries is tooth extraction that can be recommended for many reasons. The main one is tooth decay that has destroyed enough tooth structure to be unable to restore it. Impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth are also removed when the situation demands.

Family dentistry

We offer preventive care and advice for the family on several topics as: how to brush the teeth of a toddler, how to brush the teeth of a child, sing toothpaste, dental health and sweets, lollipops and thumb sucking, at what point do the first preventive dental visit.

Endodontics (root canal treatment)

When the nerve of your tooth becomes infected, a root canal, also called endodontic treatment, lets you keep your tooth rather than having to pull it. By keeping your natural teeth, you prevent the other teeth lose their alignment and causing jaw problems and others.

Periodontics (gum treatment)

Periodontics is the part of dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and bone that support the teeth. A healthy tooth is firmly anchored in the jaw bone in the gums and ligaments that surround it. Gingivitis is the initial phase of periodontal disease and is defined as an inflammation of the gums caused by plaque buildup.

Pedodontics (for children)

Tooth decay affects the health and well-being of your children. Moreover, the effects of decay in young children is not limited to the teeth. Tooth loss is sometimes unavoidable and can cause not only orthodontic and cosmetic problems, but above all disturbances in the acquisition of speech.

Fixed prosthetics (crowns and bridges)

A crown can be used to restore the shape, appearance and function of damaged teeth. The establishment of a crown may also be necessary after a root canal or tooth has undergone a large filling or is broken.

Removable prosthesis: partial or complete

Prostheses artificially replace your natural teeth and gums. If due to accident, illness or poor oral hygiene, you have lost some or all of your teeth, wearing a prosthesis you may be recommended to replace your missing teeth. There are 2 types of prostheses: partial dentures and complete dentures.


Tooth pain is never pleasant but we're here to help! From various causes, dental neuralgia can be very painful and unpredictable. Whether an injury playing your favorite sport, a broken tooth, spontaneous pain caused by tooth decay, swelling or abscess that prevents you from working, our emergency service is there to relieve you.